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Petaluma Poultry (supplied by Bassian Farms)

We are in the process of updating product information such as whether the item is organic versus commodity. In the meantime, email Sharon for any specific questions.

Cases can be split. One person can order the case and arrange the split with other members via the Yahoo Group list.

Note: Whole bird case amounts will vary. Weights given are estimates only. Your case may arrive much lower in weight (or with less birds per case).

For these items, all items at pickup who's weights are +/- 12% the stated weight will be charged the stated weight unless otherwise noted.

Petaluma Poultry products are now supplied through Bassian Farms.

Petaluma Poultry's sustainable farming practices distinguish these chickens from those raised conventionally in this country. No antibiotics are used. Fed a vegetarian diet of corn and soybean meal. No animal fat or animal byproducts.

The chickens grow from day one to maturity in a stress free environment - spacious poultry houses that have natural daylight. They roam freely throughout these barns; the earth floor is covered with a layer of rice hulls, a natural bedding. The chickens receive humane treatment at all times during their lives. The ranchers use sustainable farming methods.

Rocky Jr. and Rosie Chickens differ in that the Rosie Chickens are 100% Certified Organic and Rosie Chickens are a free range chicken, allowed to run and forage outdoors in an open-air, fenced area outside the barn. Rocky Jr. birds roam in the spacious growout houses. They do not range outside because they are young and only partially feathered.

Bassian Farms

(#2193) Bassian Farms Chicken Bagged Fryers 3.5-4.5 lb (Frozen)
67-71 lb - $121.80

(#2370) Bassian Farms Chicken Mid-Joint Wings
5-9 lb - $16.96

(#2550) Petaluma Poultry Chicken Backs
40 lb - $24.00

(#2660) Bassian Farms Chicken Feet
40 lb - $79.20

(#2661) Petaluma Poultry Chicken Feet (Natural)
40 lb - $88.80

(#2560) Bassian Farms Chicken Front Half Frames (Carcass)
40 lb - $21.60

(#2605/2600) Bassian Farms Chicken Livers
10 lb - $37.20

(#2664) Bassian Farms Chicken Hearts
5 lb - $11.70

(#2610) Bassian Farms Chicken Gizzards
5 lb - $9.72

(#2675) Bassian Farms Chicken Ground
10 lb - $39.00

(#2443) Bassian Farms Chicken Leg Meat (Frozen)
40 lb - $75.84

(#2620) Bassian Farms Chicken Necks (Frozen)
40 lb - $33.12

(#2465) Bassian Farms Chicken Thigh Meat (Fresh)
40 lb - $91.20

(#2464) Bassian Farms Chicken Thigh Meat (Frozen)
40 lb - $82.56

(#2460) Bassian Farms Chicken Thigh Bone In (Frozen)
40 lb - $50.40

(#2482) Perdue Chicken Drumstick
40 lb - $47.04

(#2335) Bassian Farms Chicken Drumettes
10 lb - $27.36

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